Energy Efficiency 2050 Roadmap for Europe

A cost‐effective, decarbonizing energy‐efficient strategy for investors related to EE technologies, engineering, and consulting firms

sEEnergies Roadmap is based on the assessment of the energy efficiency first principle within the context of current energy systems as well as a transition towards a cost‐effective 100% renewable energy system for the EU27 and the United Kingdom in 2050, further called the sEE 1.5 scenarios.

The Roadmap also presents a path that enables short‐term energy security by phasing out import dependency on Russian natural gas in 2030 (sEE 2030 scenario), while still enabling a path that enables achieving 100% renewable energy in 2050. 

As a part of the Roadmap, an investment strategy highlights which investments are necessary to be prioritized to achieve both short‐term security of supply in 2030 and long‐term decarbonization goals in 2050.

Get insights into

A Background on the development of the energy efficiency scenarios for each country and EU27+UK.

Get the methodology and background information for the development of the final scenarios, investment roadmap, and country reports.

B Energy Efficiency Roadmap for EU28

Learn about the possible energy efficiency scenarios, including investments for different energy efficiency measures and energy supply.

The most critical energy efficiency improvements are ranked according to the investment strategy but also based on their contribution and impact on the energy system, which is highlighted in the energy efficiency roadmap for EU27+UK and in individual country reports.

The roadmap ranks measures based on energy efficiency impacts in the short (2030) and long term (2050).

C Investment strategy and ranking of energy-efficient measures

The investment strategy outlines top prioritizations for achieving the desired energy system in 2050.

D Individual country reports

Description of results and guidance towards energy efficiency decarbonization for each EU country.