sEEnergies Partnership Webinars

Registrations are open for our sEEnergies Partnership Webinar series!

The webinars are going to take place through March and April 2022.

We invite policymakers, national-level authorities and scientific communities, national and European institutions, investors, engineering and consulting firms who undertake energy planning activities to join in.
We will be hosting some of the European top-level energy experts, in order to:

  • Uniquely consider all aspects of the Energy Efficiency (EE) First Principle as a response to the European Commission’s 2050 decarbonization goals
  • Introduce an innovative, holistic and research-based EE-modeling approach by applying EEFP in sectors and markets, country-by-country and grid-by-grid, and by combining temporal and spatial analyses
  • Show the ways to quantify and operationalize the potentials for energy efficiency in buildings, transport, and industry
  • Present sEEnergies results which go beyond state-of-the-art science-based knowledge and methods, as they combine sectorial bottom-up knowledge with hour-by-hour modeling of the energy systems and spatial analysis in the 

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